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He Garden - China's first garden in the late Qing

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   He Garden, formerly known as Sending Xiaoshanzhuang, is the finale in Yangzhou's private gardens. The national key cultural relics protection unit, the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, and the Beijing National Summer Park and Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden were also awarded the first batch of national key parks. The He family has a close relationship with several famous big families in the modern history of China: Li Hongzhang, the minister of Beiyang, and Sun Jiaxuan, the teacher of the Guangxu emperor, are the relatives of the children of the same town, advancing and retreating together; and the more famous teacher Weng Tonghe of the Emperor Guangxu and the Qing court Zhang Zhidong, a representative of the minister and the Westernization Party, also has an in-law relationship.



   The crown of He Garden is architectural features--the 1,500-meter-return corridor that enjoys the reputation of “the first gallery in the world” constitutes the beauty of garden architecture and the beauty of the loopback. It is unique in Chinese gardens and is called the prototype of the Chinese overpass by industry experts. The stone mountain house "the first mountain in the world" is the "human being." The famous scholar Yu Qiuyu said that in the history of Chinese gardening, it is the "Stone Mountain House" of He Garden that people can look up to.。

Chinese contemporary ancient gardening experts Tong Tong, Liu Dunyi, Pan Guxi, Luo Zhewen, Chen Congzhou, etc. all praised He Garden is unique gardening techniques, calling it “an isolated case in Jiangnan garden”. Mr. Luo Zhewen also wrote the inscription "The First Garden of the Late Qing Dynasty".



   Walking into He Garden is like walking into a painting of historical humanities; a legendary figure of bureaucrats, salt merchants, occultists, and educators with multiple identities, the twists and turns of the secret heartsteps are revealed here; one is from feudalism The lively drama of the rise and fall of the enlightened family of the great family is staged here; a colorful and rumored story of modern Chinese history is vividly displayed here……