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[Yangzhou Grand Theatre]

         Yangzhou, with outstanding people, is close to the Yangtze River in the south and Huaihe River in the north. It has always been a water and land hub, and it is a city where merchants gather and the literati gather. The Yangzhou Grand Theatre is a new large-scale theater built at the 6th China Arts Festival. It is located at Wenhui South Road and Xingcheng Road, Yangzhou Development Zone. With a construction area of 12,000 square meters, it is a comprehensive large-scale performance venue featuring singing, dancing, opera and music, as well as conference, screening, reception and entertainment. The auditorium has 1038 seats, including 676 pool seats, 362 buildings, 16 meters wide at the stage, 23 meters high at the mouth, 280 square meters at the side, and 50 square meters at the stage. There are 5 rooms with an area of about 350 square meters and a VIP lounge area of 80 square meters. The room is equipped with central air-conditioning and air-conditioning, as well as various meeting rooms. The performance facilities are equipped with 44 electric booms, 384 loop lighting control system and basic performance lighting, as well as a complete digital sound system and related equipment. The total power supply capacity of the theater is 1430KW, and the power supply capacity of the performance facilities is 630KW.


[Yangzhou Puppet Theatre]

         Known as the "hometown of puppets", Yangzhou has a long history and beautiful scenery. It is a historical and cultural city with "a generation of modern culture and modern civilization." The Yangzhou Puppet Theatre Company is rooted in this magical and magnificent land. Since the 45th anniversary, we have continued to inherit the traditions, learn from others, constantly reform and innovate, and create sophisticated, and become famous Chinese art.

         The group is now an advanced troupe awarded the honorary title by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Personnel. Many times, the performance of Jinjing has been successful. Several times at the China Arts Festival, it has won many awards such as “Wenhua” outstanding plays, and several times as General Secretary Jiang. President Chirac and other Chinese and foreign heads of state have won praises, and they have also participated in major performances such as the return of Macao, the National Assembly Hall and the National Disaster Hall.


         So far, the group has visited and exchanged performances in 27 countries and regions including Meili, France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Xiban, Columbine, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including 9 returning to Japan. The country has toured more than 1,000 games in more than 400 cities. Participated in the same-day puppet art festival 6 times and won the award. With its outstanding artistic achievements, the Yangzhou Puppet Troupe has claimed to be one of the "one of the representatives of the Chinese Puppet Art". His masterpieces include "Flying to the moon", "Qiongqiong Fairy", "Sun Wukong three dozen white bones", and the large puppet cartoon drama "Afu". These excellent plays are loved by the audience. The performance of the group's performances is all over the country. The average performance was more than 80,000, and the number of performances in 2000 was 1,200, a record high, which is rare in the history of domestic theater performances. The group is not only unique in the puppet show, but also famous for its puppet production. The Yangzhou Art Modeling Center is a comprehensive base for the production of puppets and their products. They can not only produce delicate and delicate, but also become superb. Puppets, and can produce a variety of large-scale human landscapes, all kinds of large-scale lanterns, floats, successfully produced and installed Zhenjiang "Qianlong Xingguan", Yangzhou "Westward Magic Palace", Sichuan Fengdu "Ghost Country Shrine" , Lanzhou "Journey to the West Art Palace" and so on. The large-scale lanterns "Two Dragons Play Pearls", "Playing Dragon Palace", floats "riding the cranes under Yangzhou" and other provincial awards. Greatly expand the space and field of puppet art modeling.

          In recent years, the Yangzhou Puppet Troupe has been advancing with the times, striving for hard work, pioneering and innovative, regardless of art construction or management, both social and economic benefits have come out of a gratifying path. At the beginning of the new century, China's accession opportunities and challenges will come to the forefront. We will be full of passion, down-to-earth, unstoppable, and bravely to create more brilliant achievements.

[Bar KTV]

“Recommended Bar”

        Bailemen Bar, Address: 1912 Block, Guangling District, Yangzhou City

        Oscar Bar, Address: 1912 Block, Guangling District, Yangzhou City

        Venus Bar, Address: 1912 Block, Guangling District, Yangzhou City

        Palace Night Club, Address: No. 33, Wenhe North Road, Guangling District

        Heart Heart Tea House, Address: No. 129 Huaihai Road, Guangling District, Tel: (0514) 87373335, (0514) 87127850

        Bubble mainstream music bar, Address: 46 Wangwangting Road, Weiyang District, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Tel: (0514) 87351779

        Old Brewery, Address: No. 128, Nantong East Road, Guangling District, Tel: (0514) 87215225

        Week 8 Bar, Address: 77 Friendship Road, Weiyang District, Yangzhou City

        Apollo Bar, Address: 30 Youyi Road, Weiyang District, Yangzhou City, Tel: (0514) 85107979

        X5 slow rock music bar, Address: No. 2, Yancheng West Road, Guangling District (opposite Yangzhou Hotel)

        Feifei Bar, Address: Building 8, Jiaoyuan, No. 119, National Day Road, Guangling District, Tel: (0514) 89889898

"KTV recommended"

        Happy Age KTV, Address: 5th Floor, Times Square, 537 Wenchang Middle Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Tel: (0514) 87359999

        Emperor International, Address: No. 128, Nantong East Road, Guangling District (North side of Ruyi Square), Tel: (0514) 87932888

        Lan Kwai Fong, Address: 271 Weiyang Road, Development Zone, Tel: (0514) 82818511

        Yangzhou Golden Eagle ktv, Address: No. 75, Wenhe South Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City

        KTV Avenue, Address: 5th Floor, Lippo Plaza, No. 306, Minjiang Middle Road, Hanjiang District (Near West Station), Tel: (0514) 87816555

       Haile Di KTV, Address: Dongcheng Building, No. 185, West Canal Road, Guangling District (near Jin Jaoli Restaurant Club), Tel: (0514) 82688777

        California Forest KTV, Address: 4th Floor, Shita Hotel, No. 246 Wenchang Middle Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City (near Shita Temple), Tel: (0514) 87313131

[Recommended for the movie city]

        Yangzhou Century Film City

        Cinema Address: 4th Floor, Times Square, 537 Wenchang Middle Road, Yangzhou City

        Driving directions: Bus 5, 6, 17, 22, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 66 to Wenchang Pavilion or Xianhe Temple)

        Hotline: 0514-87354318

        Yangzhou Ximanke International Studios

        Theater Address: 3F, Jinghua City Life Square, No. 168, Jinghuacheng Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City

        Hotline: 0514-85888588

        Driving directions: 13, 26, 21 Road, Jinghua City Station, 66 Road, the night bus, Jinghua City Station.

        Business hours: 10:00--22:30

        Yangzhou Jinyi Film City

        Theater Address: 3F, Lippo Plaza, No. 306, Minjiang Middle Road, Yangzhou City (100 meters to the north of Yangzhou West Railway Station)

        Hotline: 0514 - 87872233

        Driving directions: 101, 18, 209, 203, 22, 19, 12, 66, 31, 36, 206, 20, 38, 20 road night lines, 33, 8 road night lines, 16 roads

        Business hours: 09:30--22:30

        Yangzhou Workers Studios

        Cinema Address: No. 75, Wenhe South Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City

        Hotline: 0514-87342531