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Although Yangzhou City is not big, there are many hotels, restaurants and hostels in the city. Up to 4 star hotels, the hotel is as small as 20 to 30 yuan a night, and the price is not expensive. So in Yangzhou, it is easy to find the right hotel for you.

If you want to experience the taste of the old Yangzhou, it is recommended to live in the Green Yang Hostel. This Western-style building, built in the early years of the Republic of China, is also a scene of Yangzhou.

If you want to live comfortably, Yangzhou has 40 tourist stars and foreign-related hotels, including 4 stars and 4 Samsung. All hotels in Yangzhou with more than three stars have air conditioning and 24-hour hot water. The price of the standard room is around 200-600 yuan.

        Yangzhou Hotel is a three-star tourist foreign-related hotel with modern facilities and classical taste. It is also an important foreign exchange activity center in Yangzhou. The hotel is located in the downtown area of Meihualing. It is adjacent to the Shikefa Memorial Hall in the east and the Tianning Temple in the west. It is the starting point of the “Slim West Lake Qianlong Water Touring Line” and the environment is excellent.

        [Other hotel recommended]

        Yangzhou New Century Hotel ★★★★

        Yangzhou Jinghua Metropark Hotel★★★★

        Yangzhou Garden International Hotel ★★★★

        Yangzhou Xiyuan Hotel ★★★★

        Yangzhou Shita Hotel ★★★

        Yangzhou Jinling West Lake Villa ★★★

        Yangzhou Guangyuan Dingshan Hotel ★★★

        Yangzhou Jiangdu Hotel ★★★

        Yangzhou Huayang Hotel ★★★

        Yangzhou Yiyuan Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Zijing Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Mansion Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Wenjin Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Qionghua Building★★

        Yangzhou Tianle Holiday Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Jianglong Holiday Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Tiandi Hotel ★★

        Yangzhou Shuguang Hotel ★★

        Yangzhou Fusiqiao Resort★

        Yangzhou Yulinglong Boutique Hotel

        Yangzhou Golden Coast Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Red River Valley Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Jiangyuan Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Redwood Tree Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Haiyan Hotel ★★

        Yangzhou Fuyunmen Hotel★

        Yangzhou Dongyuan Hotel★★

        Yangzhou Yingbin Hotel

        Yangzhou Grand Hotel

        Yangzhou Slender West Lake Resort

        Yangzhou Jiangdu Jingjiang Hotel

        Yangzhou 24th Bridge Hotel

        Yangzhou Qiongdu Hotel

        Yangzhou Hotel Reservation Tel: 0514-87666802

        For more Yangzhou hotel reservations, please click: Yangzhou Hotel Reservation - Yangzhou Reservation Center