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After he bought a house in Yangzhou, He did not have the coveted ease. In 1901, He zhi dao made an amazing decision after the end of his mother's return. He handed the garden to others to guard and moved his family to Shanghai.

      This "home migration" is not a simple matter, but He zhi dao  resolutely led the family to go. At this time, he has entered the old age of life. This knife-shaped boat is already a huge old ship. He has to go to Shanghai, the new wave of new civilization, to see the world? Or what kind of great work is it to create?

       He lived in Shanghai for eight years and died in the world. In 1924, after his death more than ten years later, his descendants followed his wishes and finally started the huge funds he had retained. He started the Chizhi University in Shanghai.。

       In the past, he also said that there is another word "holding". The reason why the university is named as "holding the ambition" means that it is adhering to the bequest of the public. The university solemnly listed He zhi dao as the founder, son He Shenghuan. As the founder of Ji Zhi, Dr. He Shizhen and Dr. He Shimei are divided into principals and vice presidents (and provosts).

       Since its establishment, Chizhi University has trained a large number of aspiring young people for the country and made significant contributions to that era.