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      When He zhi dao  was in his prime, he hanged his crown and retired. The reason for this is that we can see the historical situation at that time.

        In 1858, Britain, France, the United States and other countries forced the Qing government to sign the "Tianjin Treaty", which stipulated the opening of ten trading ports such as Hankou. Therefore, in the Tongzhi and Guangxu years, the Hankou area of China had already handled foreign trade matters, and it was set up in Hankou. Customs---Jianghan Pass.

        I have encountered such a thing. There is a county magistrate in Jiangxia County. It is a person who is upright and offended the consul of the country for something. The consul’s impetuous telling and swearing, after being rejected by He Yan’s words, the consul is not reconciled. It was also reported to the higher-level government. As a result, the higher-level government actually asked the Taiwanese to sign the recruitment office after hesitating. To this end, He Wei wrote to the book: Let's make it easy for Yi Er, different time, unscrupulous, and self-reliance, how sovereign? Strictly resisted the despicable acts of humiliating power and sorrow, the county magistrate of Jiangxia County was able to be safe and sound, thus making the arrogance of the foreign consul empty. In the face of such historical background and conspiracy of consularism, He Yan’s sense of patriotism In the scope of what we can, we are not arrogant and calm. At this time, the 10,000-year-old government was incompetent, and the vassal powers were already ill. He was deeply ill and could not coexist with some fearful thieves. It was empty and patriotic and self-improving, and it was difficult to honor and state affairs. It was slightly inconsistent with the government’s intention to submit to foreigners. In the ups and downs of the Bohai Sea, it is also better than bad luck, and the mother’s age is already high. In the nine years of Guangxu (1883), the forty-nine-year-old hanging crown was hidden in Yangzhou.