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     He zhi dao(also a child, is a knife-shaped boat), the name is He Weijian, he is the word, he has another table: holding. He is a native of Wangjiang County, Anhui Province, He Jun’s father, He Jun, the word Jin Fu, and Yi Minmin. Since He Jun’s political achievements in Jiangsu’s administration were prominent, the Qing Dynasty’s court gave him the first three generations of The great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all increased or promoted Guanglu, and the Jiangsu Buzheng added three.

         He zhi dao was born in 1835. He was a student of the Guozi Supervisor. In 1885, he took the Shuntian Examination. Later, he took the identity of Xianfeng Yike, and in accordance with the usual practice, he worked in the Ministry of Finance and the Yunnan Division. He was re-appointed as a clerk, distributed to Hubei, and hosted the Quartermaster Bureau. Since then, he has acted as the agent of Salt Law Road twice, and has served as the supervisor of the grain road. He was appointed as the Hubei Huangde Road and served as the supervision of Hanjiangguan. The imperial court rewarded one of the products, sealed the bourgeoisie, and promoted Guanglu.

        Here is a special explanation. In many books and TV series, he said that He has served as the minister of the Qing Dynasty in France. After verification, there is no such historical fact.

        Such a career performance, but He Wei is in the prime of the year, the rapids and retreat, why is this? Please see "State Affairs Critical."