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he-garden conducts safety inspection


On the morning of June 21, according to the safety production month of Heyuan Management Office, the main leaders of the Management Office, Director Wang Haiyan, Xu Liang, the members of the team and middle-level leaders and related personnel conducted a safety inspection on He Yuan. Focus on the safety inspection of infrastructure construction safety production, electricity gas facilities, fire protection and other aspects. The results of the inspections are basically normal, the safety production is tight and orderly, and the anti-mite and anti-Taiwan measures are properly implemented. However, some deficiencies were found during the inspection process. Now, combined with the inspection situation, the rectification and precautions are proposed.

Through inspections, all personnel are required to attach great importance to their ideological and spiritual importance, and the Safety Section fully implements the facilities of the corresponding facilities to ensure safe production and foolproof.